Cellulite Definition
  Cellulite Definition
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  Damaged Circulation
  Free Radicals
  Estrogen Imbalance
  Lack of Exercise
  Over Exertion
  Bad Diet
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  Rebuilding Damaged Tissue
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Address Cellulite with Ayurveda! Take the FREE Ayurveda dosha Test and learn how to address the root cause instead of just trying to treat the symptom.

The word cellulite is a combination of the French word for "cell" and the suffix "-ite," meaning disease.

Cellulite is known in the medical community as localized lipodystrophy - meaning misshapen fat in one or several specific areas of the body.

Recent research has shown that in fact it has less to do with the fat cells, and more to do with the connective tissue that shape the fat and keep it in place. Read more about how this works in What Is Cellulite .

How to Address the Root Cause of Cellulite?
Cellulite has become increasingly more common in the past two decades. Wether we can specifically identify the cause as being genetics, environmental toxins, diet & lifestyle, or a reaction to medication, the fact remains that cellulite is a visible red flag that we are out of balance. Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to restoring balance. Rather than trying to treat the symptoms by working to remove the fat, Ayurveda looks to restore balance holistically; this means taking your mind, emotions, body type, and lifestyle into account. A great first step, and a free introduction to Ayurveda is to take the Dosha Quiz. This will give you a better understanding of your body type, what is out of balance, and will provide dietary and lifestyle recommendations for restoring balance in your body.