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Most people refer to Cellulite as the fatty deposits that form uneven, wrinkled, dimply skin found on the thighs, hips and buttocks of most mature women. Even when fat is lost from other body areas, cellulite remains and will actually be the last fat to be lost, because it occurs only when damaged fatty tissue accumulates.

Cellulite is formed when connective tissues beneath the skin that shape the fat become weak and deformed due to poor circulation.

Vitamoor works because it rebuilds the circulation and lets the body repair the damaged tissues.

This connective tissue is made up of fibers and acts as an anchor between the muscles and the skin, it also forms the chambers that hold the Scarpus Fascia (body fat that lies beneath the skin).

When the circulation fails the connective tissues become weak, then the Scarpus Fascia bulges upward and causes an uneven appearance in the skin. This is thought to be the cause of cellulite, however the primary cause of cellulite is poor blood and lymph circulation. In brief poor circulation causes a build up of highly damaging free radicals in the tissues under the skin. This leads to weaker circulation and the growth of thick fibers in the wrong places. This, in turn, prevents the fat from being properly absorbed into the blood and causes it to swell with excess fluids thus stretching the connective tissues and leaving the lumpy irregular appearance.

Although by reducing the amount of fat, we could possibly reduce the appearance of the cellulite on the surface, it does not eliminate the root cause. To properly treat cellulite one needs to eliminate the cause; deformed connective tissues due to poor circulation and lymphatic drainage. See Causes of Cellulite and How Cellulite Develops.

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